Harvesting Justice

Harvesting Justice-Transforming Food Land Ag

“Harvesting Justice”, by Other Worlds, is just off the press. Some of Kellee’s documentary work is featured in this book. Other Worlds’ Harvesting Justice: Transforming Food, Land, and Agricultural Systems in the Americas is a 140 page book with the purpose of sharing stories, research, and interviews about exciting initiatives in the realm of food and agriculture that are being created by communities and movements in the Americas. The eight chapters focus on: food sovereignty; challenging corporate control of food; changing government policies; creating and reviving local food systems; food justice; farm and foodworker justice; land reform; and indigenous territory and sovereignty. Each chapter gives some background on the problems at hand and then dives into examples of what inspiring initiatives communities are crafting. There are also many interviews with farmers and organizers from Ben Burkett of the Federation for Southern Cooperatives in Mississippi, to Dena Hoff from Via Campesina, to Gerardo Reyes from CIW, to Saul Atanasio Roque Morales from the Xoxocotla Drinking Water Association in Mexico, and many, many more.


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