2014 LAUSD Network Garden – Ecological Garden Design

As the Network has renewed its contract, we are entering full swing with a complete redesign of the space, with the the following goals in mind.

  • Increase biological diversity and habitat in the garden through building soil, interconnected ecosystems, increased use of perennials
  • Utilizing existing patterns in nature to inspire the most efficient use of space and energy, such as microclimates, ecological edges.
  • Develop the space with education of the public as the primary goal
  • Utilize whimsy, play, and learning to make the space inviting, safe, and engaging for all ages

New elements include building an demonstration apple tree guild, installation of a perennial mandala garden, and dry river bed flanked by a butterfly garden and rain garden. Stay tuned as we move through each stage of implementation. We will begin with construction of the mandala garden.

Here is a preliminary design for the Network garden space:

Demonstration Garden Design-Review


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