Documentary Work

Kellee’s photographic work focuses on social justice issues including food sovereignty, the agricultural system, and labor rights. Her work explores our relationships to the spaces that we inhabit in both artificial and natural landscapes, and the liminal zones in which these spaces collide, and how these spaces manifest our perceptions in the way we exist in the world and shape the environment around us.

Her work is featured in:


“107 Stories Through Restaurant Workers Eyes” Opening Reception Photo Exhibit Presented by Restaurant Opportunities Center, Queens Museum of Art, New York February 2011.

“Behind the Kitchen Door” Restaurant Opportunities Center Worker Rights Summit, Los Angeles CA 2011


Harvesting Justice“, by the US Food Sovereignty Alliance and Other Worlds. Transforming Food, Land, and Agricultural Systems. 2013

“Pachamama Skillshare”, Make/Shift Magazine; Feminism in Motion. 2010 Winter Issue.


Daily Brink feature articles on Brendon Walsh (comedian), Jackie Monahan (comedian), Krystyn Lambert (magician), Deana Bracken (Green with Glamour), Emily McDonald, (Stylist LA), Tah Mac (Musician).

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